Texas Holdem Poker Rules

To new players the Texas Holdem poker rules could seem quite complicated but in truth the game is fairly simple to follow once you know the basics.

Texas Holdem is quite a fast paced style of poker. If you're playing online poker you're normally only given about 15 seconds to decide if you're going to bet, check, or fold.

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But before you head off to your favourite online poker site [we suggest you try Party Poker], you'll need to get a basic understanding of the Texas holdem Poker Rules as well as the different poker hand rankings.

Holdem Poker rules :
The game begins when the first person to the left of the dealer button (see the Party Poker game interface), places a small blind bet. A small blind bet is normally about half the lower stake.

Play continues in a clockwise direction and the next player is required to post a big blind bet, which is equal to the lower stake. Every player at the table then has an opportunity to call raise or fold.

Once all the bets have been placed, 2 hole cards are dealt to each player. The first player to the left of the player who placed the big blind begins the betting for this round. He may choose to call, raise or fold.

Checking is only allowed if no bets have been placed in that round before.

After everyone has been given a chance to bet or fold, the Flop is dealt. The Flop refers to the three communal cards which are placed face up in the middle of the table. At this time you should be able to determine how strong your hand is, relative to your opponents' hands.

Once again each player is given a chance to place their bets. At this time the betting may become aggressive and many players try to throw a bluff in this round.

The next round is called the TURN. The fourth communal card is dealt. Again players are giving another chance to bet. The betting continues in a clockwise direction beginning with the first player to the left of the dealer button (see the Party Poker game interface).

The fifth and final communal card is dealt. This round is known as the River. The players can now determine whether their hand is strong enough to win or not.

In this round you may find 2 players stuck in a show-down, where each player continually chooses to raise in the hope that the other is either bluffing or that they may choose to fold.

Each player is only allowed to raise a maximum of three times, after which you may only call or fold.

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Written by Stanley Majors

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