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May 23, 2006

H.R. 4777, Internet Gambling Prohibition Act

The following article is directly from the Poker Players Alliance, of whitch I am a member, and I encourage ALL poker players to join. They are one of the few orgainizations out there looking out for our best interest in Washington!

"In the coming days, the House Judiciary Committee will vote on H.R. 4777, Internet Gambling Prohibition Act, sponsored by Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA). This legislation turns private companies into the government’s “morality police.” It requires Internet service providers (ISPs) to remove gambling related hyperlinks and forces banks to monitor your purchases and transactions to ensure that you are not gambling online. The plan is an affront to civil liberties. If the committee passes the bill, your ability to enjoy poker online will be at serious risk.

Each member of the Poker Players Alliance has a critical voice in this debate. The members of the committee, listed below, need to know that Americans think this legislation is a bad idea.

For more information about H.R. 4777, go to the Poker Players Alliance Web site, www.pokerplayersalliance.org.

Please Call! Tell these Representatives to oppose the Goodlatte plan.

Bachus Spencer AL (202) 225-4921

Berman Howard CA (202) 225-4695

Boucher Rick VA (202) 225-3861

Cannon Chris UT (202) 225-7751

Chabot Steve OH (202) 225-2216

Coble Howard NC (202) 225-3065

Conyers John MI (202) 225-5126

Delahunt Bill MA (202) 225-3111

Feeney Tom FL (202) 225-2706

Flake Jeff AZ (202) 225-2635

Forbes Randy VA (202) 225-6365

Franks Trent AZ (202) 225-4576

Gallegly Elton CA (202) 225-5811

Gohmert Louie TX (202) 225-3035

Goodlatte Bob VA (202) 225-5431

Green Mark WI (202) 225-5665

Hostettler John IN (202) 225-4636

Hyde Henry IL (202) 225-4561

Inglis Bob SC (202) 225-6030

Issa Darrell CA (202) 225-3906

Jackson Lee Sheila TX (202) 225-3816

Jenkins Bill TN (202) 225-6356

Keller Ric FL (202) 225-2176

King Steve IA (202) 225-4426

Lofgren Zoe CA (202) 225-3072

Lungren Dan CA (202) 225-5716

Meehan Marty MA (202) 225-3411

Nadler Jerry NY (202) 225-5635

Pence Mike IN (202) 225-3021

Sanchez Linda CA (202) 225-6676

Schiff Adam CA (202) 225-4176

Scott Bobby VA (202) 225-8351

Sensenbrenner Jim WI (202) 225-5101

Smith Lamar TX (202) 225-4236

Van Hollen Chris MD (202) 225-5341

Wasserman Schultz Debbie FL (202) 225-7931

Waters Maxine CA (202) 225-2201

Weiner Anthony NY (202) 225-6616

Wexler Bob FL (202) 225-3001


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