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April 15, 2006

I hate getting screwed....

One of the reasons that I took a break from playing Texas Holdem Poker, is that I was just simply tired of getting screwed every time I played! I've heard all the arguments that 'you want people making those calls....', bla, bla, bla....

The fact of the matter, is that I'm getting sucked out on 95% of the time whtn those idiots '..make those calls...' and I just got tired of it!

It's pretty tiresome making the right call, at the right time, KNOWING you have the best hand.... only to have the asshole hit a two outer on the river to put you down. AND, it happens TIME after TIME, after TIME... ESPECIALLY Online....

So, What set me off this time?

I'm playing in a Deep Stacks tournament at PokerStars.... it's down to 100 players, with the top 40 paid.... Im not in great shape, having like 7K with the average being around 12K, but because of the blinds 100/200, I'm not really in trouble. I'm playing smart, being patient, and really not taking unnecessary risks with my chips....

FINALLY I get a hand!

KK UTG! I make it 800 to go! I get two callers.... the guy on the button, who has me outchipped 5/1, and the BB who is similar in chip count to the Button.

The flop comes K 8 9 rainbow! PERFECT! I bet 800 out... the button makes it 1400... the blind folds..... I push my remaining 4300 ALL IN!

The button IMMEDIATELY calls, and shows JT Off! He called my all in on an open ender!!

You know he hit the damn thing, not ONLY did he get the Q on the Turn, but he hit the 7 on the river....

Posted by fatbill at April 15, 2006 08:36 AM


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