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November 15, 2005

Texas Holdem Poker Online

I have been playing texas holdem poker online a bit lately, mostly in SNG's. I've posted before, how I normally do not do well playing online, since I continually get sucked out by bad plays hitting on the river to be rewarded.

I've got back into playing online texas holdem poker SNG's mainly because some of my friends at the club have been talking about their luck of late.

Ok, so I make a deposit, and try my luck....

First 4 SNG's I play, I get sucked out on.. but in all fairness, a couple of those were in cases where I mis-jugded and went in with an inferior hand.
Down to $12.

Played in two small ( $5 ) multi table SNG's. (The Multi Table Texas Holdem poker SNG's are nice because they are like mini-tournaments, ranging from 27 to 180 players! ) Anyways.... I came in 1st in one, and 2nd in the other. Bankroll now ABOVE my initial deposit!

Have played in three tournaments since then, and had NO luck, in fact, have had nothing but BAD luck.

Technically, my winning percentage is not that bad. I've cashed in over 20%, which is well above average, and my bankroll is still good. Well just have to see how things progress.....

Posted by fatbill at November 15, 2005 09:49 AM


On my games of Texas Holdem recently, I also was not feeling any good signs, although I had a grand time playing in the small multi tables. I have to admit, I was low on the fundamentals these past few days, so opportunities to attack blinds were missed.

Posted by: Ron at November 21, 2005 01:25 AM

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