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November 12, 2005

Texas Holdem Poker Decisions

When you play a texas holdem poker tournament, you are constantly faced with decisions that affect, or COULD affect your continued play. It is not always the cards that you DO play that can have the biggest influence on the night, but sometimes its the cards you DO NOT play that do.

I'm playing Texas HOldem poker last night, and I have AK in the BB. I have a short stack all in for 2400, and another caller. I'm torn on the decision to play or not. I really dont think the short stack has me, but I am not sure about the other player. Ultimately I fold, only to discover that my AK would have not only been dominant, but would have won the hand.

Later in play, when down to 8 players, I have AQ in the BB, and have one caller who is short moving all in. This player will make this play on a HUGE variety of hands. I have the Big Stack calling. I lay the hand down. They both have small Pocket pairs, and the flop hits a Q.... I would have won and taken the chip lead.

From here, my stack gets eaten slowly by blinds and ante's, until I push all in with A6h, and get knocked by AQo.

It was not that hand that determined my tournament.......

Posted by fatbill at November 12, 2005 11:08 AM


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