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November 05, 2005

Texas Holdem Poker

The son and I went to play some no limit texas holdem poker at the club the other night, and there was a really good turn out. There really were no weak texas holdem poker players in the field, and the action showed it.

In the early levels, I found myself playing a LOT more hands than I usually do when I play a texas holdem poker tournament. I'm pretty tight as a rule, but I was getting some nice suited connectors that I was unable to make hit.

I finally got a couple good texas holdem poker hands before the end of the thrid level, and got almost back to even.

Unfortunately, once we got down to the final table, I stopped seeing ANY type of playable hand. I got to the table with about 5500 in chips, which was just shy of the average. There were three other people that were shorter than me. Sadly, I watched my stack just get chipped away, as I could not hit any type of hand, or just got such garbage that I could not play.

when were got down to 6, I finally got something worth playing, in AJs, and pushed my measly few chips all in. The stack was not enought to scare anyone, and I got two callers, which COULD have put me back in the game. I got nothing, and a pocket pair of 5's held, and I was sitting on the sidelines watching my son play ( he was still in, and in good position, but I'll let him tell his own tale! )

Thats just how texas holdem poker goes.... up and down with the fate of the cards!

Posted by fatbill at November 5, 2005 01:50 PM


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