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October 04, 2005

Sick of online play

I am totally fed up with playing texas holdem online! EVERY time I play in any type of tournament online, I end up getting rivered by some buffoon calling me with shit cards and hitting!

Case in Point: I go all in on the button with Pocket Q's.... the idiot on the BB CALLS me, with K4o, and of course rivers a K... totally a bullshit call, by an obvious idiot.

I know all the retoric about wanting idiots to make those calls... unfortunately, online play awards them all to often...

Posted by fatbill at October 4, 2005 10:14 AM


I guess I should have read further before making the comments that that I did. seems that your already starting to see online poker for what it is, and that is a scam.

One of the biggest "tells" concerning online poker is the sign up bonus. For example--

Full Tilt Poker has a sign up bonus of 100% with concurrent "reloads" of 50%. If we break this down we have--A crooked site.
Lets say 100 people sign up and deposit 500.00 the site matches this with their own 500.00.
Now all these new players go into a tournament that costs 1000.00 to join fee and all. After the tourney is played the site will have to pay out 90.000.00 in prize money. They will be out 40,000. And it doesn't matter if it's all played at once or over the next few months. The rake is still the same; they will lose that much per 100 new custoners at this deposit rate. On top of this they have the audacity to offer a 50% reload, compounding their losses. This alone is a brightly lit sign blinking out it's message--we are fixed, you can't win here.
I think along with a group of poker players getting together to make it legal to play here, we should also band together and start a site that analizes online sites. Ferreting out the corruption that exists. What do you think--make it all one fee. Lets say 20.00 a month to accomplish both. I know I would pay. I have more to say on this subject but will wait for a reply before going on.

Posted by: Dan Shaulis at February 12, 2006 12:27 AM

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