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June 05, 2005

Runner-Runner does it again

At the last minute, we decided to head to the club for some poker action. We knew that there was a texas holdem tournament going on, so we figured we would get in on it.

Pretty poor showing, as only 20 people were there for the tournament, but there were a number of solid players in the field... We started with 3000 in chips, and 30 minute blinds....

Early in the game, I caught pocket threes, and called the modest bet pre-flop. The board came K 3 7... I hit a set. The intital bettor came out for another 3x bet.... I went over the top double his bet... he moved all in.... instinctivly I called.... he had a set of K's...

Fortunately, I had him covered, but I was cut almost in half early in the first round, and had to really play selective from that point on.

I got involved in only TWO more hands... had KJs and the board comes out J78.... two diamonds.... I bet 300.... two callers.... the turn comes a rag... the river another diamond.... you guessed it... he hit a flush, staying in with 2 3!

Final hand, I have AQo..... I'm the big blind.... there is a 500 bet in front of me, everyone else folds... I know the player well, and know the hands he'll bet out like this. I'm sure I have the better hand. I move all in for another 500.... He calls... he has KQo!

The board flops rag J rag.... the flop comes 9 10... he sucks out a straight.... exactly the way my luck has been running of late....

Posted by fatbill at June 5, 2005 10:06 AM


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