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June 04, 2005

Calling ALL IN with A9o?

I played pretty well in the tournament last night at the club. It was your standard texas holdem freezeout style tournament, and had a pretty good turnout.

I really had poor cards ALL night, so I spent most of my time mucking, and watching other people play. I had Three pocket pairs all night: 6's, Q's and A's.... I folded the 6's to an all in in front of me.... The Q's got me a moderate pot, and the A's got me the blinds and ante's..... other than that, I was just maintaining a stack hovering around 2K, and waiting.

I had not played but ONE hand for two levels at the end, and that was the Pocket A's.... It got down to the last 7 ( top 4 paid ) and I got A4S..... I pushed my remaining 1800. The Button folded, the small folded, and the BB ( 400 ) called with A9o! I'm scratching my head to figure what he was thinking.... I hit the 4 on the flop... the turn is a rag..... the river gives him a 9, of course, and sends me packing in 7th.... AGAIN

Posted by fatbill at June 4, 2005 10:55 AM


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