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May 01, 2005

Went to a friendly game last night

Went to the weekely cash game that I used to play in before joining the club, last night. Had 14 people playing, mostly familiar faces.

They FINALLY decided to cut down the initial chip count to 5K ( from 10K ) and started the blinds at 25/50 instead of 5/10. Like I had been trying to tell them for months.. this helped speed up the game!

I played well, but went out 7th. I probabaly could have played the hand differently, in retrospect, but, hindsight being what it is....

I had not played a hand in almost an hour. I just was waiting for some sort of decent hand, and I was not getting anything.

Finally got Pocket Kings! Two players limped in, and the player on my right made it 400 ( blinds were 100/200 ). I thought for a few seconds, and made it 1200 to go! The player on my left, who was the big stack, called..... the two limpers folded, but the player who initially bet 400 called.

The flop came 3-8-3.... the player on my right checked, and I moved all in. The player on my left folded. The player on my right called! He had a Set of 3's! He called a 6x raise with a A3!!!

That ended my night.... I'm still wondering what the hell he was thinking making that initial call!?!

Wilcone grinded most of the night, and ended up taking 2nd, but I'll leave that account to him...

Posted by fatbill at May 1, 2005 11:14 AM


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