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May 02, 2005

Underdog a big factor....

Well i played in a special texas holdem tournament with 22 guys...and needless to say the first hour and a half was stone cold, nothing worth playing other than defending blinds and little pots here and there. It really didnt start up until right before we merged tables and took a break. I went all in with A-K with the last 900 in chips i had, i was VERY low stacked. I got 3 calls, well shit i didnt like my odds. My buddy while in showdown told me he folded a king, i was against king-7 suited and pocket jacks. Well thats 3 kings gone, so i had one out other than aces, which i hit on the river. Well after i was getting hot we had to merge :-(

So it was down to the final 9 people, and these people were no fish. I started to dwindle, then fire shot out under me, i got a-q three times i went all in each and got nice pots. I got Bullets ( a-a) 3 times which i got nice pots from and a-k about 3 times. I was really playing good, making the correct reads EVERYTIME! A couple people got knocked out and it was down to five people for over an hour, everyone was playing very tight, which gave me an advantage. These people know i dont come in unless i have something massive. And i had fire power to back it up. Two of the three went out at the same time, making one lady i was playing with a huge chip stack. The other guy was a 2-1 favorite on me. We played a few hands, being able to steal some and catch nice cards for that short time was nice. I doubled up off the other guy with a-7 off, he thought i was bluffing ;-) he had a-4 :-o That evened me and him up, but she had both of us 2-1 in count.

We played for about 45 minutes with the three of us and blinds were at 500-1000 with a 100 ante. Everyone folded around the the big stack on the small blind who raised me 4,000 preflop. I had pocket 8s and i moved all in against her, she had pocket 10s, good night wilcone. But i do have to say i put up one hell of a struggle and im damn proud of how i played. So until next time dont under estimate the guy with the lowest stack, he could come back and be in front of you!

Posted by wilcone at May 2, 2005 02:12 AM


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