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May 28, 2005

Played Online and Live

I played in two Texas Holdem tournaments yesterday.

One was an online Texas Holdem freezeout at Full Tilt and one live Re-Buy event at the club....

At Full tilt, there were just over 100 players, but it moved pretty fast, as they do a good job there with 10 Minute blinds. I was in real good shape throughout this event, and hanging in the top ten most of the way ( 18 places paid ).

It got down to 27 players, and I was dealt Pocket Q's in the big blind. Blinds were 120/240. Everyone folded to the player on the button, who raised to 480. The Small folded. I went over the top of the button for 960. The button called.

The flop came K73..... I checked... the button bet 1000. I AGAIN came over the top ALL IN, for 3500! I was called, and the guy had the MIDDLE PAIR of 7's!!

Now, normally, that is what you want, right? Until the idiot gets lucky and spikes a 7 on the river.....


I ran against a similar result playing in the live event. With two limpers in front of me ( I'm on the button ) I made it three bets to go, and got called by both. I had Pocket 8's. The flop came 8 A 3! Hit the set! I push all in! I get one caller, who of course had an Ace, with A7c. There was ONE club on the board.

He, of course pulled runner-runner club to crack me with a flush....

I dont blame him for making the call with top pair... but I'm really getting frustrated getting rivered every damn time I hit a set.

Ironically, I got knocked out 11th later on in this event with the SAME pocket pair! AND, I hit the set on the flop, AGAIN.... unfortunately, I ran up against pocket 9's, and HE also hit his set on the flop....

Posted by fatbill at May 28, 2005 10:03 AM


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