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May 20, 2005

Making the right move... at the wrong time!

I played some Texas Holdem again last night at the club... a simple two table satellite event, with 20 players... but most were very good, solid players....

I only played aggressively when I had solid hands, and then, only when I hit on the flop. This was working fine for most of the night, and got me to the final table in good stack position with about 3500 chips, about average.

I played AQo, from the big blind, mainly because the raise was not prohibitive ( 3X the blind ), and the raiser was the big stack, who was not only loose, but pushing his stack around at people all night. The player to my left also called.

The flop came A Rag Rag.... While I hit the flop, I wanted to see what the other two had. The player to my left checked, and the big stack made a 4X bet, which was not unexpected. I called.. I just didnt think he hit top pair, probably one of the rags..... the Other player called also.... This is where I made my error...

Next card comes another rag, but gives the opportunity for an gut shot straight.... instead of making a move here ( I was down to around 2400 at this point, and up against the two big stacks ), I checked, and Really don't know why.... Everyone checked.... The river paired one of the rags..... I pushed all in.... the player to my left called... he of course hit his set on the flop. He played down THREE 4X bets with 56o... and hit on the river....

Thats the second night in a row that that same player river ratted me, and knocked me out..... I WILL pay that back! ;-)

Posted by fatbill at May 20, 2005 10:45 AM


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