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May 14, 2005

Chip and a chair....

Well i deceided to go to the club last night and play a little Texas Holdem Poker. About 25 guys showed up, mostly players that are good and i enjoy playing against. I started off not losing any pots, but splitting about 7 all together for the night.

I got hit early by a boat on the river to my turned flush, which got me down to the felt. I had about the lowest stack in the whole tournament, and then i made an impact....

I saw A-k about 6 times raising every time and getting some nice pots in. Saw k-q and a-q about 4 times a piece. Had pocket 9s SEVERAL times, and even got to see aces.

I found myself around middle stack going into the final table, which is unusual for me always being the short stack! I started to hit cards like crazy and was taking guys out left and right, gaining a lot of respect at the table. I wasn't showing that i was bluffing by any means.

As we got down to four players, i took 2 of them out leaving me heads up with a guy. We played for a little bit, and he was about to be even with me and it was 4am, so we deceided to chop and go home.

I had a 3-1 chip lead over him to start, but began to run dry as we reached heads up. Im not disappointed in my play at all, i came back from 1000 in chips to over 20K, then to 55K and the chip lead! Id have to say that im playing better than ever and am looking forward to another game SHORTLY!

Posted by wilcone at May 14, 2005 10:52 AM


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