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May 09, 2005

Cashed in the Home game

Played in the normal saturday night texas holdem home game. Since I had been doing pretty well online, I figured I'd continue my play in this game.

We only had 11 players this time, which is a few down from normal, but it was a pretty decent game.

I really played VERY few hands for the first few hours. My strategy was to wait out the 'river rats' and 'calling machines', of which this game has several. The hands I played were premium, and I did well enough with them to hold my own as I patiently waited....

When it got down to 5, I knew I could not continue to sit, since I was close to the short stack. Hands were not exactly coming for me at this point, but I was able to maintain, and the blinds were not enough at this point to really concern me... I had about 6K ( we start with 5K ).

We broke for dinner at about 9, and I was the short stack with 4 players remaining. I had 5K, Next was 14K, 19, and 21K.... I needed to start playing....

By 10, I was the chip leader! ;-) I sucked out a big pot ( I flopped two pair ) by hitting a boat on the river... Two hands later, I made the big stack pay dearly for being a river rat, and took him for over 10K.

When we got down to the final two, our stacks were nearly identical.... he proposed a chop, and I accepted, cuz I didnt want to be there into the wee hours, as it was Mother's day the next day!

Posted by fatbill at May 9, 2005 10:08 AM


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