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April 11, 2005

Saturday Night Satellite results

I played in a Texas Holdem satelitte saturday night that offered a couple of seats to the upcoming Mirage WPT event in May....

I've been replaying my game that night, and have decided that I took too many risks and played too loose. Normally I dont even look to see flops with a number of hands in the first several levels, and I was doing it a LOT in this event. Silly thing is, I have no idea WHY I deviated from my normal 'tight agressive' game.

I was looking up silly hands like A4s, K9s, Q9s, and never hit a flop. It was an aggressive table, and the cost of seeing those flops took a big chunk of my stack in the first several rounds. I managed to get my stack back up around 'average' in the 5th round, only to see it dwindle away again by playing too loose.....

I was playing well leading up to this event, and was looking forward to it.... the way I was playing leading up to the event was NOT the way I played IN the event. I think my brain took a vacation.... largely due to the lack of sleep from playing untill 4AM the previous night, I'm sure.... I'll have to make sure I am better rested before I attempt the next event....

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