Recently, I was introduced to a Cigar that not only do I truely enjoy, but after talking to the owner of the company, believe will continue to become a force in the Cigar world.   Cigars are of a personal nature, a direct relationship between the "cigar" and the individual.    I personally LOVE a nice smooth Cigar from time to time, and I think these are Cigars that even a non-smoker will truely enjoy.    They are smooth enough to smoke down to the butt, and have no bitter after taste.    They are truely MY cigar of choice.

The Shakespeare's have spent years blending candidate cigar tobaccos, looking for their "Perfect Blend." Every cigar is an individual experience; each of us searches for our "Perfect Blend."    The Shakespeare's have found theirs, and now, they are sharing it with you and the world.

The five-leaf combination was selected for its elegant taste, and the soothing aroma it releases as it burns.    The result is an all-natural, rich, smooth and mild smoke, consistently produced from only the highest quality aged tobacco.

The best Jalapa Valley grown Nicaraguan binder tobacco begins our five leaf combination encompassing the highest grade of long leaf fillers.    To complete this Shakespearean masterpiece, they wrapped it with one of the worlds most sought after tobaccos, the Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade Wrapper.    The Shakespeare Signature Series cigars are each totally hand-made, insured for quality of draw and roll.

CHURCHILL: Large straight-sided cigars with a hefty ring gauge are generally called Churchills in honor of Sir Winston Churchill. CHURCHILL
FIGURADO: All cigars which do not have parallel or straight sides are Figurados. They include Pyramids, Torpedoes, Belicosos, Perfectos and a new variation: a Torbusto. TORPEDO
ROBUSTO: Shorter cigars are the same diameter as a Churchill are generally called Robustos, but in some brands they are called Bullies or Rothchilds. ROBUSTO